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Publish My Book

Publish My Book

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The hardest part of self-publishing is progressing your book beyond just an idea. If you have already written some notes and maybe collected illustrations or photographs – then you are well on the way. The E-Type Press, Banbury has many years experience in publishing books for local authors and we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your book.

Publish My Book

We can review what stage you are at, set out a timetable to publication and estimate the upfront costs depending on a number of factors for example:

•   How much pre-press work still needs to be done?

•   Book size?

•   Style and type of book?

•   Number of pages?

•   Any Illustrations or photographs?

•   Print run, how many copies initially?

•   Distribution of book - just friends and family or specific group or the wider public?

We can also publish your company brochures and journals!

Register for a FREE consultation

Feel happier about the way ahead with a local publisher. Take the next step and call, email or fill in the contact form today for a FREE CONSULTATION. 

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