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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Personalised Gifts, Printing and Publishing, Printed Workwear or Sportswear and advertising in The Villager magazine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a unique personalised gift in Banbury? 

 Where can I find a unique personalised gift?

Come to The E-Type Press Banbury for individually-designed Personalised gifts.

Call in and see us in person or give us a ring on 01295 758889. We take the time to talk to you about the PERSON the gift is intended for. We can then create something truly personal to use or to display. Individually-designed so definitely not on the High Street.

What makes a truly personalised gift?

I would like to give a personalised gift but don't know where to begin

   Take some time  

•   Think about the person not the gift.

•   What do they like? Pets, sports, travel, hobbies and more? 

•   Are they marking a special date or milestone? Have they just completed something special or achieved a goal? 

•   Think about the type of gift - could it be something to use (e.g. water bottle) or just display (poster or achievement plaque)?

•   Think about what could be printed on the gift - an image, or several images (eg pets, a friendship group or a sports image) and text

    (e.g. achievement with date or a fun slogan).

•   Choose a printer (like us!) who will create an individual design and print the gift exactly as you want it. Positioning of images and typefaces really

   do matter.

What can I buy an Animal Lover?  

Think about the PERSON the gift is for and the ANIMAL or pets they love, then call The E-Type Press Banbury. We can talk to you about a wide range of suitable options, practical gifts to use or beautiful gifts to display featuring their favourite animal. We can create something truly personal and individually-designed so definitely a one-off.

Where can I get my wedding Order of Service printed?

Who can help me with wedding invitations?     

Where can I get a table plan for my Wedding?

Where can I get my wedding invitations printed?

The E-Type Press would love to help. We are a local printer near Banbury with many years experience printing wedding invitations, Orders of Service, Name Cards and Seating Plans for your special day. We are happy to spend time discussing a theme which is perfect for you and show you some samples prior to print.

How can I market my business locally in Banbury?

Where can I advertise my business in the Banbury area?

Many businesses do online marketing but in your local area traditional leafleting and local advertising can also help with details of your services and any relevant offers. Contact The E-Type Press, Banbury, we can design and print quality leaflets and feedback/ comments cards to deliver directly to customers. We also publish and print The Villager magazine. Established in 1993 our magazine is published monthly and hand-delivered through the letterbox by Royal Mail to houses and businesses in over 45 villages in North Oxfordshire, South Northamptonshire and South Warwickshire.

What makes a good business card?

You may be thinking that your business card must be bold, colourful and quirky with highly tactile features such as embossing or special lamination. You may not even want a traditional CARD at all and maybe metal or plastic is the way forward for you. Everything is possible but such highly embellished cards will really only add value for certain specific industries.

For more traditional business cards a simple clean design on a quality stock card will create a good first impression. Things to consider are: 

•   The choice of card – a solid, heavier card with lamination gives a quality feel and also ensures it survives in a client’s pocket or bag.

•   Consider branding – use colours and a logo which marks you out from other service providers.

•   Use appropriate typefaces which reflect your business – informal or traditional, classic versus modern. The most important thing is legibility –

    you might think white italics or script on a black background is cool but no-one can read it at smaller type sizes. 

•   Don’t use a mixture of several different typefaces.

•   Avoid underlined text, ‘shouty’ CAPS and limit the use of italics!

•   Use white space – traditional sized business cards are 85 mm by 55 mm so don’t overcrowd the card with excess information. Keep to essentials:

    business name and logo, what services you offer and contact details. Ensure there is correct spacing (leading) between lines of text.

•   Contact The E-Type Press, Banbury for advice and samples.

Where can I buy just a few items of branded workwear?

Where can I get  printed T-shirts for my staff to wear?

Where can I get branded polos in Banbury?

How can I get printed workwear?

Come to the E-Type Press, Banbury for small orders of Personalised Workwear. 

Call in and see us in person or or give us a ring on 01295 758889.

We offer all clients a free design Consultation on Personalised Printed Workwear.

•   Decide what workwear clothing you need printing - polos, hoodies, tunics, hi-viz.

•   How many items do you need of each?

•   What do you need to be printed and where?

•   Call The E-Type Press for a FREE consultation.

What are the alternatives to embroidery for branded workwear?

At The E-Type Press, Banbury we specialise in printed workwear which is a great alternative to embroidery. We cut out your details from special vinyl and then press them at high temperature onto the surface of your clothing. Unlike embroidery, polos and t-shirts printed like this will not be itchy against your skin because the vinyl is pressed onto the outer surface of the clothing.

The vinyls are long-lasting, can be flat or raised, are available in a range of colours and types including reflective safety.

How can I get a damaged photograph repaired?

Depending upon the degree of damage, some photos which have staining or tears can be scanned, repaired and then re-printed. For an assessment on the damage or possibility of repair contact The E-Type Press, Banbury to bring in your photo or send us a high quality scan.

How can I self-publish my book?

Where can I get my book published in Banbury?

I want to publish my poems how do I go about it?

How much will it cost to publish my book?

The hardest part of self-publishing is progressing your book beyond just an idea. If you have already written some notes and maybe collected illustrations or photographs – then you are well on the way. The E-Type Press, Banbury has many years experience in publishing books for local authors and we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your book. We can review what stage you are at, set out a timetable to publication and estimate the upfront costs depending on a number of factors for example:

•   How much pre-press work still needs to be done? Will you be supplying a final print ready pdf file or just notes or a draft manuscript plus


•   What size is the book A5, A4, Square, Novel size etc and is it portrait or landscape?

•   What is the best layout, typeface and style for the type of book?

•   Roughly how many pages is your book? 

•   Will the book have a hardback or paperback cover?

•   Do you have any illustrations or photographs and are these in colour or black and white?

•   Will any illustrations or photographs be situated throughout the text or all together in a separate section?

•   How many copies do you wish to print initially?

•   Is it a project for limited distribution to friends, family or the local community or would you hope to sell your book widely? Works for distribution to

    the general public rather than a closed group will need an ISBN number and bar code.

Take the next step and contact us now. 

 If you can't find your question above contact us direct so we can give you an answer 

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